Industry Representatives

Chris Flack @suitedyogi

Chris Flack is a social entrepreneur based in Dublin. He is the co-founder of Unplug, a company that runs retreats and workshops to help people develop a better Tech/Life Balance. Unplug run public and corporate workshops to help people be the master of technology as opposed to it mastering them.

In his own words: “The Unplug programme takes the best of eastern practice (yoga/meditation) combines it with science (a panel of neuroscience/CBT experts and psychologists are involved) to ensure it is evidence based, and make it accessible by using simple language, hence the name Unplug.”

Prior to setting up Unplug Chris worked for 15 years in senior tech sales. He then moved to the not for profit sector and worked in India, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Ghana. Chris is also the founder of the pre-work sober music festival Morning Gloryville.